Cultural Majális, 22-25 May

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Cultural Majális is organized between 22 and 25 May in Debrecen.

Various programs will entertain the visitors.

22 May, Thursday


16.30: Piece of art of the month

Szent Anna Cathedral

19.30: Concert of the Kodály Choir

Nagyerdei Stadium

20.15: Hungary-Denmark friendly football match


23 May, Friday

Déri Museum

16.00: Ethno-Tezor – lecture by Dr Elek Bartha

17.00: “The museum is ours” – Children at the Déri Museum

17.30: Folk concert of Erika Juhász and the Boróka Band


21.00: PG Csoport concert


24 May, Saturday

Kossuth Tér

10.00: Opening ceremony

11.00: “Lili és a hihetetlen visszatérés” musical

12.30: Csillagocskák – Folk dance show

14.00: Concert of the Csomasz Tóth Winds

15.15: Concert of 12 choirs

16.00: Church service

18.00: János Elek Mészáros concert

19.30: “Légy jó mindhalálig” – musical

Déri Tér

10.30: Amaro Del concert

13.30: Concert of the Kisgéresi Choir

14.30: “Az X-es lány” by Péterfalvi lyceum

Great Church

10.30, 12.00, 13.30, 14.30: Organ and chamber concerts


10.00-19.00: Barn dance, craftsman workshops, puppet shows


25 May, Sunday


11.00-17.00: Childern’s Day

Kölcsey Convention Center

11.00-15.00: Judit Halász Children’s Day concert

Déri Museum

11.00-14.00: Day of Hungarian Sword

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