MODEM: Sonic Weapons

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The exhibition is the result of the grant published for young, career-starter curators. The three career-starter sound artists– Ádám Krasz, Ádám Jeneses and Dániel Kophelyi – are ex- and current students of the MOME and the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

The mission statement of the exhibition among others is to present a medium which is relegated to the background in national contemporary art in a youthful tone, in a discursive, interactive and plain way. The concept is centred around the “sonic weapons” used in wars, terrorist acts, and armament – using historical and fictional examples of starting points. In the exhibition space we will find aninteractive centralinstallation of group creation and a personal sound installation of each curator.We will organize workshops, performances, museum pedagogical programmes andshows in connection with the exhibition by involving sound artists, musicians and schools, possibly from Debrecen.

Curator: Lia Lőrinczy

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