Night at the Zoo at Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park

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There comes a night every year that puts animals in the spotlight.

This is the 8th time that the Debrecen Zoo and Amusement Park will be hosting Night at the Zoo; although the event is now considered tradition, the program seems richer and more spectacular than ever before.

Friday, August 30 – 19:00-23:00

This time around, as part of a cooperation with Hortobágy National Park, visitors to Night at the Zoo will get a 20% discount for their visit to Hortobágy Wildlife Park on August 31 or September 1.

As usual, there will be a new animal exhibit unveiled at the event; this time around, visitors will get a chance to see how the newest resident of the exotic Palm House, a monitor lizard particularly rare to zoos, settles in.

This Night holds truly unique experiences as behind-the-scenes guided tours will give visitors a chance to unravel the secrets of the park and the hidden night lives of its residents.

Experienced zookeepers have numerous fun facts and wild stories in store about various intriguing animals, including Beriszló the young African penguin, Daahir the little hand-raised reticulated giraffe, and Simon the newborn raccoon. Visitors will also be introduced to a hippopotamus’s dental hygiene routine. Night at the Zoo will also feature a number of feeding events such as the nighttime hunt of the two-year-old Amur tiger twins, Dana and Daria, as well as the supper of the male Asiatic lions and that of the Amur leopard. Penguins will also be taking their very last summer walk.

There will be “scent tours” starting every 60 minutes in the Scent Garden, putting visitors’ senses of smell and touch to the test, whilst the bold may meet some notoriously, but perhaps undeservedly, unpopular animals up close by participating in the Dare at the Palm House. As there is no night party without proper snacks, visitors will get a chance to try some edible plants and insects, as well as monkey bread in the company of ring-tailed lemurs.

The waterfall in the Africa Aviary will come to a new life via a spectacular light painting performance.

On this special occasion, the Amusement Park will also be made available throughout the night; the Miniature Train, for instance, will be made free for all visitors. The Funhouse will be home to a temporary museum exhibiting relics from various late residents of the Zoo.

There will also be an Arts and Crafts Corner, as well as a Blood Donation Center set up by the Hungarian National Blood Transfusion Service.

Other spectacles will include a LED show and performances by stilt-walkers, ice-sculptors, fire swallowers and fire dancers, acrobats, belly-dancers, all amid an atmosphere of enchantment delivered by the soft light of lanterns and torches.

Tickets are available for a price of 1600 HUF per person; there are also Magic Wristband Passes available for 3200 HUF each, granting entry AND unlimited access to all Amusement Park rides. Buy them online, at cash desks, or on-site till 23:00.

For further information, please call +36 52/310-065 or visit

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