Debrecen is Our Garden: 1000th Tree Has Been Planted in Debrecen

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There is an ongoing green program in Debrecen, called Debrecen is Our Garden. In this program, Debrecen’s 1000th tree has been planted this week.

The tree has been planted by Debrecen’s mayor, László Papp.

This year’s green program is very successful: young trees have been planted in every part of the city. The planting program also has a positive effect on air quality, as trees are able to absorb fly dust, thereby they are purifying urban air. This year, companies, institutions, NGOs and civilians of Debrecen also joined the green program, thus increasing the success of the initiative.

The green program – Debrecen is Our Garden – will continue next year in other parts of the city: Újkert, Tócóskert, Tócóvölgy, Petőfi Square, Bem Square and Sóház district will also have new trees planted.


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