DKV Has Presented a List of Found Objects on Their Vehicles

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DKV has presented us a list of strange objects that they had found on their trams and buses.

There are many passengers every year who leave their belongings on one of DKV’s vehicles. DKV employees must collect and give these objects to the costumer service manager. In case, the name and address of the object’s owner is known, DKV employees send them a letter about the found belonging within three days. They keep the found objects for three months, then – if nobody picks them up, – destroy them.

Now, we asked them about last year’s most bizarre found objects.

In 2019, DKV employees found 1169 objects on their vehicles. Among the found objects, there was a bread holder, a barrel for pickles, a luggage full of clothes and books, a motorbike for children, a two-meter-tall sapling, a faux fur coat and a little porcelain figure with a birthday card.




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