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As part of the „Deutsch.Karriere.Erfolg.” campaign, the Institute of Germanic Studies, Faculty of Arts, University of Debrecen in a joint effort with ITSH and the German Cultural Forum of Debrecen organised the finals of the German language competition for secondary-school students  on 5 February 2020.

310 applicants were registered for the competition in the whole country, of them 90 competed in Pécs and 70 in Szeged. 148 students submitted their registration from 16 schools of our region, of whom the 10 best from the semi-finals took part in the finals in Debrecen. The Main Building of the University gave home to the event.

The aim of the „Deutsch.Karriere.Erfolg.” campaign launched by the German, Swiss and Austrian Embassies together with the Ministry of Human Capacities in 2018 is to present why it is worth learning German and how it is possible to build a successful career based on one’s German competence. – The competition and the campaign convey the same message: German language competence has considerable value – said Lajos Barcsa in his welcome speech. The Vice Mayor of Debrecen emphasized: „Both Hungary and the city maintain ever closer economic ties with Germany. It is also revealed by fact that the proportion of German investors surpassed 80 per cent in the last five years, factories are built, which welcome highly qualified employees with German language competence.” Lajos Barcsa announced at the opening of the competition finals in Debrecen that the Embassy of Germany, the city and the University of Debrecen would jointly organise a German festival in November, which would present the significance of German language and culture in our region from a linguistic, cultural and economic point of view.


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