Tandem Tuesday on 25 February


Do you think you came from an interesting country 🤔 and want to share the world that yours is the BEST?😍 Here is the chance: make groups with your mates and held a presentation!

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Would you like to learn a language for free while having fun? 🗣👯‍♀️

We have the best offer for you: our brand new TANDEM PROGRAM 👫 which is waiting for you to join and widen your horizons. 🌠 It is not just about learning. 💡You can make new friends from all over the 🌍, become multilingual 🇫🇷🇫🇮 and multicultural by widening your knowledge⌛️, developing your skills and be part of this new adventure!🎒

Let’s start it today!


Register and make a profile 📧
Subscribe to the Tandem Program 🖌
Wait for your match 🔜


Here you can find the Papaya site: https://papaya.iter-idea.com/#/home


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