New Arrivals in Bunnyville

Local News
Although residents of Bunnyville have already moved to their winter quarters with the onset of cold weather, we have some great news to report on as two dwarf lop rabbits were born on September 20. Reared behind the scenes for now, the reddish brown little male and female will return to Bunnyville along with the others in spring so that you can meet them all up close.

Bred from domestic rabbits specifically as pets, dwarf rabbits include a wide variety of breeds and color varieties. They are highly popular worldwide thanks to their small size, with a maximum weight of around 2 kg, and their calm and friendly temperament, easily kept outdoors as well as indoors with the ability to be house-trained. Besides exhibiting the great diversity of wild animal species around the world, we consider it a key mission of ours to also help you connect with domesticated breeds, which are no less exotic to many of you; thus, from next spring on, Bunnyville will once again await all with an interest in regular domestic and dwarf rabbits.
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