A bearded guy in a red cap and polar bears appeared in the shop window of the Kölcsey Center

Local News

Something new happened on December 3rd: people walking near the shop window of the Kölcsey Center on Hunyadi Street can notice that polar bears, a white deer and even Santa Claus appeared there. It seems that he will probably be staying there for a while.

Behind the idyll, of course, there are hard-working hands from Debrecen. The organizers hope that the exhibition, which can only be viewed from the street, will cause many joyful moments for not only families with small children but for any passerby as well.

The fairy-tale scene couldn’t have been created without the offering and participation of workers and cheerful donors.

The center would like to thank AKSD, DEKERT Debrecen Horticultural and Human Service Provider, artist Sándor Pikó and the municipality of Tépe, as well as the staff of the Phoenix Event Organizer.

Presumably, Debrecen’s only real (i.e. non-virtual) exhibition can be viewed until December 27, of course in accordance with the valid curfew, currently from 5 a.m. to 8 p.m.



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