Caps collection in Debrecen

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Cap collecting containers placed in several places in the city became very popular, and a local company has also joined this approach.

Since October, a heart-shaped plastic cap collector has been launched at four new locations in Debrecen. Residents are happy about this initiative: the containers had to be emptied several times in the past two months. In December, a local company joins the program: six tons of caps were offered for charity.

At the initiative of local government representative Erzsébet Katona, a heart-shaped cap collector has been placed in front of the playground on Tessedik Sámuel Street in Kismacs, Nagymacs, Ondód in the recent weeks. “The goal was to launch an awareness-raising program with this, that all residents can get involved in and do something for the future of the Earth.” Said Erzsébet Katona.

The initiative soon became a great success. The four pots are constantly saturated, they have been emptied more than ten times in a short period. Neopac Hungary Kft., a manufacturer of plastic tubes, also joined the collection campaign. The company is constantly selling unused caps for recycling. “Because we make premium products, these caps have a warranty period. We can sell expired products. ” – said Zoltán Puskás, supply chain manager. The company offered six tons of plastic caps. Thus, in three kindergartens: Lits Kindergarten Babits Mihály Street, Tessedik Sámuel Street, and Smolykert Kindergarten Kismacsi, a total of about 180 children can receive new toys from this amount.

Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs emphasized the popularity of cap collecting: “Whoever brings caps to these heart-shaped collectors not only takes an important step in environmental protection but also serves a beneficial purpose.” The deputy mayor added that in Debrecen, about 600 tons of waste is recycled every year through selective collection. In addition, in 2019, the municipality distributed more than 7,000 home compost bins. “The aim of the measures is to reduce waste in all areas and to recycle it as efficiently as possible.”, concluded the mayor.

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