The man who commited an armed robbery in Debrecen was convicted of his crime

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The Debrecen District Court handed down a judgment on 20 January 2021 in the case of a defendant who robbed a small shop in Debrecen with a knife in his hand. The court interrogated the defendant by remote hearing, who pleaded guilty to the charge, so no further evidentiary proceedings were necessary.

The trial court found R. J., with an impunity, guilty of an armed robbery. He was therefore sentenced by the court to 4 years and 6 months imprisonment and 5 years in public order.

The 41-year-old man had a persistent financial problem by January 2021, so he decided he was going to rob a store to make money. The defendant picked up a knife on the morning of January 17, 2021, then walked around Debrecen, looking for a shop where there was not much traffic. At 10:24 a.m., the man went into a convenience store on Sarló Street in Debrecen, then took out the 11-centimeter-blade knife and went to the seller who was, at that time, talking on the phone. The man asked the store employee to hang up the phone and asked for money. The terrified woman handed over 63,000 forints to the man, who then fled the scene.

The investigators received an accurate description of the attacker, thanks to which the patrols of the Debrecen Police Headquarters caught the man within 24 hours. The investigating authority confiscated HUF 54,000 of the stolen money, which was returned to the owner of the shop.

The prosecutor appealed against the verdict for aggravation, while the defendant and his counsel took note of it. The decision was not final. The court then ordered the arrest of the detained defendant until the final conclusion of the appellate proceedings.

The essence of the procedure is that the prosecution can prosecute the defendant within a short period of time, in this case 3 days, if the case is simple to judge, the evidence is available and the defendant has been convicted of the crime or admitted the commission of the act.

In this case, it is possible to have recourse to this fast-track court procedure, even in the case of an offense punishable by ten years of imprisonment. The purpose of this type of expeditious court proceedings is to bring criminal proceedings to justice in a very short time after the offense.

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