She is only 18 years old, but the girl from Debrecen is waiting for her second heart transplant

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She is only 18 years old, yet a girl from Debrecen is waiting for her second heart transplant, while her condition is constantly deteriorating.

Zsuzsi had already had a heart transplant 8 years ago. Unfortunately, she had at least 40 surgeries over her life. Her condition is currently irreversibly deteriorating severely, she was taken to the GOKVI Heart Hospital this morning because her doctors want to put her on an emergency list. She is expected to have to be in the hospital for many months because of her complicated surgery, the girl’s teacher wrote.

“She still fights because she is a warrior with a huge heart, a humble soul.

Surgery is a very heavy burden not only mentally but also financially for her family, mother and sister.

I would like to ask everyone who can or wants to help, if they have the opportunity, to help the family.

After the transplant, Zsuzsika has to return home to a sterile room, and the equipment needed for her recovery, washable wall paint, disinfectants and cleaning agents, medicines, and the ingredients of a special diet cost a lot of money. The support of the family, the frequent travel to Budapest, the care and the costs of the accommodation there cannot be brought up by the single mother on her own.

I ask everyone to help Zsuzsi! Pray for her healing and give her a chance to live a full life too.

Anyone who wants to help can do so by referring to their mother, Tóthmartinez Beatrix Raiffaisen’s account.”

Account number: HU68-12052712-00466375-00100008

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