A player collapsed during a match in Józsa

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SOCCA Józsa Liga III. round was held when one of the Józsai SZTSE players collapsed in front of the goal during Wednesday’s match. His teammates and the athletes of the opponent (Sinter FC) immediately felt that the there is trouble.- writes the Debrecen Sports Center.

On Wednesday, those present at the scene witnessed an unfortunate incident. During the match, one of the Józsai SZTSE players collapsed in front of the goal, his teammates and the opponents (Sinter FC) athletes immediately felt that he was in a lot of trouble.

The president of Józsai SZTSE, Krisztián Őri, testified to his presence and recovery, as he managed to help the player, who swallowed his tongue, on many attempts. Ambulances quickly transported the player to the hospital, who left Józsa Grund on his own two feet.

Krisztián said he managed to talk to the young man, who is fortunately better and is currently resting at home with his family after several tests. In addition, I thank everyone for their help and are very grateful to the whole team.



Photo: Debrecen Sports Center

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