According to the new MÁV timetable, the journey time between Debrecen and Budapest will be longer

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The new MÁV railway timetable is valid from December 10, the feedback and requests of the passengers were taken into account when creating it, the communications directorate of MÁV Zrt. announced.

According to the information, when creating the new timetable, in addition to district consultations, the suggestions of the online social consultation initiated by the Ministry of Construction and Transportation for the benefit of the traveling public were taken into account.

Public comments and suggestions were incorporated in the case of the Budapest-Székesfehérvár, Vác-Vácrátót-Aszód, Pécs-Villány-Magyarbóly, Budapest-Hatvan, Budapest-Szolnok-Debrecen, Debrecen-Tiszalök and Debrecen-Mátészalka lines – was announced.

They added that thanks to the renovation of the Püspökladány-Biharkeresztes railway line, a regular schedule will come into effect, the travel time will decrease and 5 pairs of new trains will depart for Nagyvárad every day.

A change is that the number of Z42 trains between Budapest and Dunaújváros is increasing, trains depart from Szolnok and Nagykáta more often on weekend mornings, they wrote. It was also highlighted that in the case of night TramTrain services on weekends, it will be more favorable to connect to the night, early morning trains between Budapest and Szeged. More details about the schedule change can be found on the MÁV website, the railway association pointed out.

According to their information, passengers can redeem tickets in advance for the period following the schedule change from November 29, MÁV pointed out.

Several journeys will take longer

According to‘s summary, passengers can prepare for the following changes:

  • The journey from Miskolc to Keleti railway station will be 7 minutes longer than before (from Budapest to Miskolc unchanged),
  • the journey from Nyugati railway station to Nyíregyháza will be longer by 6 minutes, from Nyíregyháza to Nyugati railway station by 5 minutes – the Budapest-Debrecen section of this road will be 5 minutes longer, from Debrecen to Budapest it will be 4 minutes longer,
  • it takes 4 minutes more to travel from Budapest to Szeged, 3 minutes from Szeged to the West,
    the Agria and Mátra InterRégió trains on the Budapest-Eger/Gyöngyös route will be 3 minutes slower,
  • on the Miskolc-Tornanádaska line, the journey will be 10-14 minutes longer than now,
  • on the Hatvan-Szolnok line, the travel time increases by 5-6 minutes in both directions,
    the InterCity trains from Hidasnémeti arrive in Miskolc 2 minutes later.

MÁV justified all of this by saying that “the railway company adjusts the departure and arrival times to the additional journey times caused by the existing speed restrictions, thereby making train transport more reliable and connections more predictable”.

(Debreceni Nap)

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