Weather Alert Issued Due to Sleet


The National Meteorological Service has issued several warnings, indicating that a red alert cannot be ruled out due to sleet. The public road manager asks those who can, not to get in a car.

The sky will be mostly cloudy on Thursday. During the day, the increasingly strong precipitation zone continues to the northeast, with mainly rain and snowfall in the capital region and the northeastern third. A thick snow cover may also form in the area of ​​the North Central Mountains and the Danube bend. Towards the north, the precipitation can change to sleet and then rain in many places.

Snow can last the longest at the northern border. The wind picks up in a few places until the evening, and then it gets stronger in the southeast. The temperature will be between +2 and +7, but in the region of the capital and the northeastern third it will be only between -2 and +1 degrees. By late evening, the temperature will be between -1 and +9 degrees, and towards the south we can expect increasingly higher values.

The National Meteorological Service has issued several warnings due to dangerous weather phenomena (sleet, snow, rain). They also wrote that the weather situation may develop in such a way that the red alert will have to be issued due to sleet.

From the afternoon hours, persistent sleet (~1-5 mm, in some places it can be even more) replaces the snow in the capital (mainly in the Buda mountains), then in the Danube Bend and the Northern Central Mountains area, so a thick layer of ice can form. Until evening, the most sleet (up to >5 mm) can be expected in the Danube Bend, Nógrád and Mátra areas.

In the Great Plain, a significant amount of rain, exceeding 20 mm on average in the area, may fall in a west-east direction until midnight, but further rainfall is expected on Friday.

Snow can last the longest near the northern, northeastern border. In the area of ​​the Northern Central Mountains, Northern Szabolcs and the Danube bend, 5-15 cm of fresh snow can fall, but locally more than this amount (up to >15 cm) can also occur. A snow cover of several centimeters may also form in the region of the capital until the early afternoon.

The public road manager predicted that due to the intense snow and persistent sleet on Thursday, those whose work cannot be postponed should get into their cars, and they should only leave with vehicles prepared for winter traffic.

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