A Bird Theater is being built in Hortobágy

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The world’s first Bird Theater, ie a visitor center that allows close observation of shy, wild birds without disturbing them, will be built in Hortobágy on the basis of Bence Máté’s world-famous nature photography concept.

In the last ten years, a lot of visitor centers have been built in Hungary to support active and ecotourism – Máriusz Révész, the government commissioner responsible for active Hungary, recalled at the press conference of the Hortobágy Bird Theater investment in Budapest.

As he added, one of the biggest and unique attractions in the world promises to be the bird-watching site based on the Hortobágy fishpond, the concept of which was developed by Bence Máté, the most award-winning nature photographer in the world.
According to Márius Révész, Bence Máté – who did not accept any remuneration for his work – is famous for the animal observation ambushes he built, he wanted to build a Bird Theater that can accommodate a busload of visitors at the same time but does not disturb the fauna.

After considering several sites, Hortobágy was chosen for its location, the government commissioner added, adding that the licensed plans for the building have already been completed and the public procurement will be announced next week. Bence Máté recalled that the plan of the Bird Theater had been formulated in it for more than ten years. During his nature photography projects, he began building ambushes covered with mirrored detective glass, which provide a very close view of even the shyest animals; he thought about this concept together with the government commission team.

According to the plans, a study trail will lead from the Hortobágy small railway to the entrance of a 50-meter-long, soundproof, barrier-free tunnel, from where you can observe the wildlife of the Hortobágy National Park both above and below water, said Bence Máté.

Architect Róbert Kiss, the leader of the design team, mentioned as an important aspect that the building complex using renewable energy should blend into the landscape as much as possible, so it will hardly be visible from the direction of the lake at all.

He said visitors will pass through the reed cover and will be able to look at the lake and the bird-watching point from a smaller lookout point, where a tunnel will lead them further. The visit route will be circled so that arrivals and departures do not disturb each other, he noted.

Zita Kovács, the director of the Hortobágy National Park, called the Bird Theater in Hortobágy a serious possibility.

As she recalled, a freshwater lake system of about 1,300 hectares is home to very rich birdlife, and a five-kilometer small railway takes visitors to the lake.

Mirkó Petényi, the communication director of the Active and Ecotourism Development Center, told MTI that the Bird Theater is planned to be built from an amount of around HUF 1 billion within two years.

Máriusz Révész added that the visitor center, which accommodates an audience of about 30,000 a year, will feature egrets, terns, gray herons and black storks, but depending on the interest, the complex will be further developed to include shorebirds and birds of prey. they think in similar places of observation.



Photo: HNP Board of Directors

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