The construction of the MotoGP track may be stopped in Hajdúnánás

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István Tiba, the ministerial commissioner responsible for investment, spoke on Hajdúnánás television about the possibility of suspending the construction of the MotoGP track in Hajdúnánás, Debreciner noticed.

According to the Fidesz representative, if there was no war, the planned racetrack would be built without any problems, but the current situation “reevaluates and overwrites” the plans. According to the ministerial commissioner responsible for the investment, the most important thing now is to reach an agreement with the local farmers about their land, if this happens, then the government can decide to suspend the investment.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this decision were made, and I think that those who think a little realistically and otherwise supported and were happy with MotoGP, would also say that this is not the most important thing in this situation and that it should not be spent on, but the functioning of the country must be helped

– István Tiba said.

However, the land would be acquired by the government despite the likely suspension, according to the representative. If MotoGP rights holder Dorna Sports did not agree to a multi-year slippage, according to Tiba, they could use the 600-hectare area as an industrial park, of which only 100-150 hectares were originally intended for this purpose.

The project of the MotoGP track in Hajdúnánás is delayed

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