SET Up! Up for training! – lifestyle program at the University of Debrecen


The Sports Diagnostic, Lifestyle, and Therapy Center (SET) of the University of Debrecen launched a 12-week lifestyle program for those who want a healthier, fitter everyday life. The participants are guided by a sports doctor, specialist trainer, dietician, and physiotherapist on how to exercise consciously and purposefully.

The SET Up program can be used by anyone from the beginner to the advanced level who wants to lead a healthier lifestyle, lose weight, or even increase their sports performance. Those who typically want to protect themselves from the harm caused by sedentary work or a stressful lifestyle, and want physical and mental refreshment can also apply.

The goal is primarily to maintain fitness, or to achieve it by using science and SET’s highly qualified specialists, as well as modern diagnostic tools,

– said Ákos Nagy, the operational director of the institution, in connection with the lifestyle program.

The 12-week program begins with a complex sports diagnostic assessment.

We perform a spiroergometric test with the patient, during which we can determine exercise intensity zones and heart rate zones for maximum fat burning. The preliminary assessment also includes a body composition test, with the help of which we get information about the individual’s muscle mass and body fat percentage

– the operational director detailed the initial steps.

Based on the results, which are analyzed in writing, a realistic goal to be achieved by the end of the program is set with the help of a doctor, specialist trainer, physiotherapist, and dietician, and the patient receives an exercise plan accordingly. As part of the joint work, the applicant also participates in physical therapy sessions and dietetic counseling, and the tasks to be completed in the next period are discussed in personal trainer consultations on several occasions. During the program, SET specialists remotely monitor the training performance with the help of a Polar heart rate belt, which also provides significant help in further training planning.

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