The 2nd Térey Book Festival begins today

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The 2nd Térey Book Festival in Debrecen starts on Tuesday. On the first day of the event, which runs until September 18, János Térey, born in Debrecen, will be commemorated, the poet’s youth will be revived by a walking theater, and an exhibition commemorating Szilárd Borbély will be opened at the book festival.

The anniversary of the birth of János Térey, born in Debrecen in 1970, will be commemorated on 14 September. A wreath will be held at his birthplace on Tuesday at 6 p.m. “One of the most talented and prolific writers of contemporary Hungarian literature has reshaped the language of poetry, revived the genre of the poetic novel and musical drama, and gave new meaning to pathos and elegy, satire and conversational drama, dystopia and memoir” on the event’s Facebook page.

As it is written, in honor of the 50th anniversary of the poet’s birth, the Térey Book Festival was founded last year with the intention of creating a tradition, which is planned to be dedicated every year to the memory of the recent great literary figures of Debrecen – among others Szilárd Borbély, Magda Szabó, Sándor Tar and János Térey.

At this year’s Térey Book Festival, a walking theater will bring to life János Térey’s youth, the family and his hometown, a lecture on the city’s built heritage, the possibilities of surviving historic houses, and Anna Terék, a prominent representative of contemporary Hungarian lyricism.

An exhibition of István Tamus’ graphics by Inbari Borbély will be opened at the Térey Book Festival in the House of Literature in Debrecen on Thursday at 6 pm. The works of the exhibition, which can be visited until November 28, were inspired by Szilárd Borbély’s poetic writer’s world and personal memories – it can be read in the organizers’ communication to MTI.

The communiqué quotes István Tamus, who said: Fate brought together Szilárd Borbély by chance years ago. “His boundless sincerity and commitment to the truth swept him away,” Szilárd Borbély recalled.

“The memory that gave me the creation of large-scale graphic sheets sums up in me all that was the common tragedy of our destiny, what we both experienced and suffered,” he said, adding graphics for general human destinies, complemented by the challenges of his own life.

In addition to the exhibition commemorating Szilárd Borbély, the unfinished posthumous novel of the poet and writer Kafka, who died suddenly in 2014, will also be presented at the book festival. The event, which starts at 7 pm on September 17, is also hosted by the House of Literature in Debrecen.

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