It turned out how to get from the Grand Station to the Fog Theater the fastest

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Choose a bicycle or a tram or a car for city transport? They wanted to assess this on the car-free day in Debrecen. The city of Debrecen also made a video about the competition, but a number of important information and data were revealed in connection with the topic.

The starting point was the Grand Station and the destination was the Fog Theater. In addition to travel times, there are a few other things to consider when choosing a mode of transportation:

Car: Carries a significant load of dust. In addition, NOx emissions and carbon footprints are high. Its noise load is not negligible. It takes up a lot of useful space from the city’s public spaces.

Bicycle: Has a low dust load. It has no emissions. Its noise load is mostly negligible.

Tram: Low load dust. There are no direct emissions, it does not degrade the air quality of the city. Its noise load is not negligible.


Car: Annual costs average 600,000 HUF without unexpected service events. (50,000 HUF per month)

Bicycle: Annual service cost maximum approximately: 50,000 HUF (Monthly 4,167 HUF)

Tram and other DKV public transport: Annual adult pass: HUF 74,000 (Monthly HUF 6,167)

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