Repair work will begin near the Grand Station

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In Debrecen, on the main road 47, the expansion elements of the bridge over the Homokkerti railway next to the railway station will be repaired by the experts on October 1-14. between. During the works, at the connection of the Petőfi tér driveway and the bridge, the expansion elements will be replaced, the damaged asphalt pavement will be repaired in the outer lane, and the insulation will be renovated. During the work, which also takes place on weekends, road users can expect traffic restrictions.

By the time of its construction, the Petőfi tér driveway will be closed to vehicular traffic, during which time it will be possible to turn from the 4th main road to the 47th main road using the Homokkerti western access branch. In order to make the process as smooth as possible, the specialists reprogram the relevant traffic lights.

The section closed during the work and the diversion routes are marked on the map below:

The company urges road users to follow the speed limit and take extra care in the vicinity of the road section with traffic restrictions and closures.

In addition, everyone is asked to find out about the current traffic situation related to the restriction at the company’s Road Information Service (+ 36-1-336-2400) and on the website before departure, but it is also worth using a navigation and community car application, so that they can plan their optimal route. For the duration of the restricted work, the patience and understanding of the road users will be sought, and the renovation work will be carried out in their interest.

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