A night hunter commanding prestige arrived at the Zoo in Debrecen

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The collection of the Debrecen Zoo has been expanded with a representative of a special native species that has not lasted for many years: in October, an owl arrived from the Ostrava Zoo in the Czech Republic, the director of the Nagyerdei Zoo.

According to the information of Gergely Sándor Nagy, the young male, which hatched in April, has already taken possession of its flyer, where visitors can also see it. He expressed hope that a hen could come to the newcomer soon.

The owl, also known as the great owl (Bubo bubo), found in much of Europe and Asia, is one of the largest owl species and nocturnal birds in the world. Of the twelve subspecies, perhaps the most beautiful and richest patterned plumage is the European (Bubo bubo bubo) now visible in Debrecen – explained Sándor Gergely Nagy, noting that the ewe is a real top predator it also kills birds of prey.

The great owl is a solitary species, but it persists for life with its mate and visits the same breeding site year after year. It does not build its own nest, lays its eggs on a protected rock outcrop or at the bottom of a cavity, and in rare cases occupies the nest of other birds of prey.

Hunting, logging, insecticide poisoning, and collisions with cars and power lines have reduced the number of individuals, making the species listed on the Red List of the World Conservation Union (IUCN). It is highly protected in Hungary, its nature conservation value is HUF 250,000.



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