The playground was recently handed over, but a swing has already been destroyed in Debrecen

Local News

Several playgrounds in the Újkert were recently handed over. According to the information received by the municipality of Debrecen, the recently installed swing was torn off. The office launched an investigation that revealed something strange.

A letter from a reader sent to a news portal in Debrecen reveals that the swing was torn off in the playground behind the corner of Doberdó-Böszörmény. A main retaining screw was also missing from the wooden structure.

Here’s the swing after handover (in the background):

Upon learning of what had happened, the municipality launched an investigation which found that

the toy was not torn off, but was dismantled by strangers at the time the photo was taken, and then completely replaced unprofessionally, seriously endangering the physical integrity of the children, so the mayor’s office filed a police complaint in the matter. The municipality immediately arranged for the swing to be professionally replaced and reclassified.

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