The reconstruction of the Püspökladány-Ebes railway line section is considered a milestone

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With the reconstruction of the Püspökladány-Ebes railway line section, the infrastructural development of the region reached another milestone, said the Ministry of Innovation and Technology in Hajdúszoboszló at the handover of the investment.

According to Sándor Bodó, as a result of the development, both public passenger transport and rail freight transport in Hajdú-Bihar County will be greatly accelerated.

The representative of the regional Fidesz parliament also spoke about the fact that in the next decade and a half the government will spend 6,000 billion forints on railway development: two-thirds of the amount will be spent on modernizing railway infrastructure and one-third on quality replacement of railway cars.

Sándor Bodó drew attention to the fact that in addition to the complete reconstruction of the section of railway line 100 between Püspökladány and Ebes, the Püspökladány-Biharkeresztes railway line was modernized and electrified for more than HUF 47 billion.

Lajos Barcsa, the deputy mayor of Debrecen, said that the modernization of the railway line would improve the accessibility of the county seat. He indicated that about six thousand jobs have been created in the city in recent years and that their goal is to create an additional ten thousand, but they also expect a significant increase in the number of students. The demand for mobility to Debrecen is growing significantly, and the role of the railway and suburban transport is important in satisfying it, he added.

Tamás Nyiszter, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of MÁV Zrt. The new Sóstó InterCity will run daily from the Budapest Nyugati railway station to Nyíregyháza from the entry into force of the winter timetable; The train – which also stops at Kaba and Ebes stations – can also be traveled between Püspökladány and Debrecen at no extra charge, said at a briefing held in front of the renovated railway station in Hajdúszoboszló.

Zoltán Nyul, Deputy Chief Investment Officer of National Infrastructure Development (NIF) Zrt. As a result of the investment, those traveling on railway line 100 will be able to reach their destination in the future about 20 minutes faster, the expert added.

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