Sugár Battai, a fencer from Debrecen, won the World Cup

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Behind the swordsman from Debrecen, two other Hungarian riders, Luca Szűcs and Kira Keszei, finished on the podium at the Polish race.

After 20 months, a World Cup for junior (U20) swordsmen was held again. The competition was hosted by Sosnowiec, Poland. On Saturday’s race day, the ladies grabbed a gun. Three of the 142 entrants represented Interfencing Debrecen SC, besides Sugár Battai, Liliána Tóth and Simon Petronella were still standing in Debrecen, but they did not manage to advance from the group. Apart from a single swing – 5 wins, 1 defeat – Sugár Battai successfully completed the qualifiers and confidently advanced to the 64-time direct-cut table.

Sugár Battai could not warm up with a slight exaggeration to get into the 32nd, his opponent did not show too much resistance (15-1), in the next round the fight was a bit “tighter” (15-3). For the final of the eighth, the Russian Bulukova followed, who eventually reached 12 inches against the 18-year-old swordsman from Debrecen, and in the quarterfinals, a student of László Dávid faced another Russian, but Zinyukhina could not stand his way (15-13). France’s Aime (15-11) and BVSC Luca Szűcs (15-9) were in the bottom of the semi-finals against Sugár Battai, who further expanded his extraordinary record with this junior World Cup victory.

“The last time I started at the Junior World Cup was when I was a cadet, so I was very happy to finally be able to compete again. I enjoyed the race all day and I feel like I managed to fight well, well. My ass was tighter against the two Russians, but I was also able to concentrate enough there when it was most important. I am very happy that this day has turned out so well for the girls as well, we will continue from here on Sunday… ”

– said the gold medalist.


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