Passengers in Debrecen can test a purely electric bus free of charge

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As part of the Green Bus Program, a purely electric articulated Mercedes-Benz eCitaro G bus will be available in Debrecen from 5 April to 18 April 2022. The vehicle is in test mode, which passengers can use free of charge.

The eCitaro type is not unknown in the city. As part of the Green Bus Program, passengers were the first to try out the solo version of the vehicle in Debrecen in September 2020, on several bus lines in the city. The contract for the purchase of the solo Mercedes-Benz eCitaro was concluded in October 2021 by Omnibus Hungária Kereskedelmi Kft., Inter Traction Electrics Kft. And DKV Debreceni Közlekedési Zrt.

The articulated electric bus arrived from Szolnok on April 4, 2022, from its test drive to Debrecen. The vehicle was prepared for the first day to begin test operation. From 05 April 2022, passengers will be able to try out the electric test vehicle. During the two-week trial run, the bus will run in city traffic for 6-6 days. During the test run, the vehicle will cover 200 km per day for two days and 150 km per day for three days on the streets of Debrecen.

The three-door electric sliding vehicle is 18 meters long, air-conditioned, and has a completely low floor design. The bus can carry 146 passengers at a time, and its soul is the 7-module 441kWh LMP, lithium-metal-polymer battery, which is located on the top of the vehicle. The vehicle can cover up to 200 km on a single charge.

The bus is charged with a plug-in charger, direct current, CCS connector. Interestingly, the electric bus has two driven undercarriages. This means that not only the rear (C) but also the center (B) axle is equipped with an electric hub motor by the manufacturer. Thanks to this design, the vehicle provides adequate performance even in operating conditions that require high power and traction. An additional advantage is that the second driven axle also functions as a generator, which improves the bus’s energy recovery when braking.

With the electric bus, trolleybuses 3, 4, and 5, and buses 10, 10Y, 13, 18, 18Y, 19, 22, 24 passengers can travel free of charge on bus routes 33, 33Y, 34, 35, 35Y, 36, 41, 44 and 45.

The bus will be transferred to Kecskemét after the test plant in Debrecen.

Schedule 7 of the electric articulated bus:
Thursday, April 07, 2022:

Bus number Departure point Departure time

34                       Segner tér         06:38
34                       Felsőjózsa         07:16
34                       Segner tér         08:20
34                       Felsőjózsa         08:58
34                       Segner tér         10:20
34                       Felsőjózsa         10:58
35                       Segner tér         11:53
35                      Felsőjózsai utca 12:24
34                      Segner tér         13:30
34                      Felsőjózsa         14:05
34                      Segner tér         15:00
34                      Felsőjózsa         15:35
34                      Segner tér         16:30
34                      Felsőjózsa         17:05
4                        Segner tér         17:55 / DKV

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