A skill team competition is being organized with EU funding for students in Hajdú-Bihar country

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The county government is organizing a skill competition for schoolchildren again this year.

This is possible within the framework of the Human Resource Development Operational Program (EFOP) in order for the movement, the competitive spirit, and the community experience to contribute to a healthy lifestyle, the county government reported.

The Hajdú-Bihar County Local Government organizes the skill team competition of the school communities in eight consortia (Kaba, Hajdúböszörmény, Püspökladány, Hajdúnánás, Csökmő, Biharkeresztes, Berettyóújfalu, Esztár). The upper secondary students of the primary schools of the municipalities participating in the consortia compete against each other in a series of competitions. There are three teams of 8 in each of the institutions participating in the competitions, in the form of a series of competitions. Participants will receive “sporty” gifts.

The competitions will be held in two phases: in the consortium in Csökmő, in Hajdúnánás, in Kaba, and in Ester in the spring, and in the consortium in Biharkeresztes, Hajdúböszörmény, Berettyóújfalu, and Püspökladány in the autumn.

The series of events began on May 9 in Furtán and Csökmő, with the next venue being Földes and Kaba on Friday, May 13.



Photo: county government

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