There were a lot of spectators and radiant fun at the Sándor Csoóri Folk Art Festival in Debrecen

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The Sándor Csoóri Folk Art Festival in Debrecen in the 1st Carpathian Basin was of great interest. Incredible energy, radiant fun, and folk costume motifs unfolded at the event on January 11, the county government said.

One of the main patrons of the event in Debrecen was Zoltán Pajna, the president of the Hajdú-Bihar County Local Government, who expressed his gratitude to the participating folk art groups:

“Thank you for getting to know, mastering, presenting, and passing on the culture of our nation.”

The festival, organized in more than 30 locations in the Carpathian Basin, with the participation of 20,000 folk dancers, is intended to highlight the appreciation of our past and the importance of nurturing our culture and passing on our heritage.

Júlia Balogh, widow of Sándor Csoóri in Budapest recalled that the Sándor Csoóri Foundation was established by the Hungarian government in 2017 with the intention that as many people as possible could realize that the oldest branch of culture, folk art, still has a place in today’s modern world.

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