The energy modernization of the Arany János Kindergarten in Debrecen has been completed

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The heating center was renovated. The heating of the building was solved by the installation of heat pump technology by the contractors. An internal ventilation system has also been installed, thanks to which there is a continuous exchange of air in the group rooms without opening the windows.

Shading is aided by sun sails, which also make the building look more colorful. The indoor and outdoor lighting networks have been upgraded, a solar system has been installed on top of the institution, and accessibility has also been resolved. Although the investment in energy did not allow for complex renovation, it was also a clean painting.

The total cost of the energy project was HUF 334 million gross, of which the construction cost was HUF 320 million, almost all of which is non-refundable EU support, and the local government had to commit only HUF 1 million.

Katalin Terdikné Szerencsi, the head of the institution, expressed her joy that the institution has become so beautiful, modern, colorful, and child-friendly, where there are good conditions for receiving children. He also pointed out that the contractor did the work without the institution having to move out, the parents could bring their children to their usual place, and the contractor also respected the children’s daily sleep time: they did not do any noisy work at the time.

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