Large-scale road repair works have started in Debrecen

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Large-surface asphalting of three road sections began on July 28, 2022, in Debrecen. They work on Klaipeda Street, Nyugati Street and Holló János Street. Deputy mayor Lajos Barcsa and municipal representative József Hetei reported on the details on Klaipeda Street.

“The municipality of Debrecen tries to serve all mobility needs, from the development of bicycle paths to the modernization of public transport, and of course, road transport is also a very important part of this. Our related investments can be divided into three major areas,” said Lajos Barcsa. The deputy mayor was the first to mention the large-scale developments that determine the traffic of the entire city, such as the widening of University Avenue, the construction of the Nyugati kiskörút, and the transformation of the intersection of Nyíl utca and Hadházi út. Secondly, he talked about road construction initiated by the public, emphasizing that the city decided to pave 26 streets in 2021, ten of which were completed last year and eight this year. Work is in progress at another seven locations, and the municipality will soon hand over the work area on the last street. Finally, Lajos Barcsa addressed large-scale road repairs. Their primary purpose is to replace aging asphalt pavements in order to improve the quality and safety of traffic.

“This year, we are spending HUF 480 million on large-surface asphalting. HUF 138 million will be spent on smaller road sections, such as Hadházi út, Székely utca, Szávay Gyula utca, Kemény Zsigmond utca, Napraforgó utca, Berek utca, and some parts of Kádár dűlő. Our three largest investments start today. We are carrying out road repairs worth HUF 142 million on Klaipeda Street, HUF 49 million on Holló János Street, and HUF 150 million on Nyugati Street”

– added Lajos Barcsa.

József Hetei, the municipal representative of Klaipeda utca, emphasized that Klaipeda utca is one of the busiest sections of the city, which is why it is subject to heavy traffic.

“It is a great pleasure that the street will receive a new layer of asphalt from curb to curb, on about 6,500 square meters, and that the curb stones will be replaced and adjusted, as well as the water sinks will be leveled and the bus shelters will be renovated along the entire 500-meter length,”

– said József Hetei.

The representative added that Holló János utca – which also affects the residents of individual electoral district number 5 – will also be renovated. Here, the section between the connection of the Petőfi tér service road and the Levendula Kindergarten and in front of the kindergarten will be renovated.

Thirdly, the work began on Nyugati Street, where the road renovation is being done in stages, i.e. only the cracked, aged asphalt pavement sections and curbs will be replaced, and the bus shelters in bad condition will also be renovated.

During the works, temporary traffic restrictions can be expected on the affected road sections, so we ask passers-by not to drive out of habit but in accordance with the posted temporary road signs!


Debrecen City Hall Press

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