Only corporate customers will be served at one of the Shell wells in Debrecen, and the company will also close five filling stations

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Shell Hungary Zrt is introducing “optimization measures”, i.e. from August 1, it will temporarily close five of its gas stations, and convert two of them exclusively to serve corporate customers. According to the company, this is necessary in order to ensure the supply of fuel.

As they wrote in their announcement quoted by, the move is a response to the challenges caused by the reduced supply of raw materials and the exceptionally high domestic sales volumes experienced in the fuel market at the regional level as well. The goal is more optimal operation.

The following Shell wells are closed:

1089 Budapest, Kálvária tér
1112 Budapest, Hetényi Street 3.
2370 Dabas, Pesti út (temporary closure from July 29)
8000 Székesfehérvár, Balatoni út
8500 Pápa, Celli utca 6.
According to the company’s information, customers can find another Shell well within 5-10 kilometers, or 30 kilometers in the case of Dabas. Until the wells are reopened, the workers will move to other filling stations.

From August 3

  • Mosonmagyaróvár, Gabonarakpart 6., and
  • in Debrecen, Balmazújvárosi út 5.

only partner customers who have signed a contract with Shell can refuel at the filling stations located at The stations can be used by customers with a euroShell card, those who do not have one can visit another Shell filling station within the given city (they have another well at Böszörményi út 1 in Debrecen).

Shell did not mention the reason for the increase in demand in its announcement, but it is a fact: Hungarians refuel a lot because they do not perceive market prices due to the fuel price cap, so they do not save on fuel.