Meteor shower watching nights are held at Hortobágy

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The outstanding attraction of the month of August is the Perseids meteor shower. Observation of shooting stars is an excellent evening program, therefore shooting star observation tours are also held throughout Hortobágy on August 11-12-13-14.

Shooting star observation tours are organized at the following locations, where amateur and trained astronomers show the visible stars, other celestial phenomena, and objects in the sky with the help of laser pointers and astronomical telescopes.

The highlight of the evening will be the destruction of the elements of the Perseid meteor shower, which causes a spectacular star fall at this time, entering the earth’s atmosphere.

The programs are weather-dependent, and prior registration and ticket purchase are required for participation!

Programs daily 14.00-23.00
Start of the evening program: 19.00
End of the program: 23.00

Program range:
aug. 11-12-13-14.: Observation of Perseids, safari program in the Hortobágy Wildlife Park
aug. 11-12-13-14: Solar telescope, Solar observation in the square in front of the HNP Visitor Center
aug. 12-13-14.: Dusk occult tour in the desert, observation of shooting stars in Máta desert
aug. 12-13-14.: Dusk train ride, birdwatching, and shooting star observation in Hortobágy-Halastó
aug. 12-13-14.: Dusk farm visit in Pusztai Animal Park, sky photography
aug. 13.: Traveling Planetarium – CsillagMozi in Hortobágy, screenings in the courtyard of the HNP Visitor Center

More details and online tickets here.

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