The deputy mayor cruised around several points in Debrecen – inspected existing and planned bicycle paths

Local News

Lajos Barcsa, deputy mayor of Debrecen responsible for economic affairs, inspected the bicycle paths under construction and the already completed parts at several points in the city on Thursday.

The report reveals that new sections will soon be completed, which will provide additional connections with the existing bicycle path network.

Back in June, the municipality reported that it will be possible to ride ten kilometers more on the bike path in Debrecen. At the time, it was written that the work began at the intersection of Bartók Béla út and Honvédtemető utca, from where – crossing Böszörmény út – all the way to Tanító utca, the new bike path will be built. At the same time, the contractor will work on a total of 3 kilometers of newly built road sections especially suitable for bicycle traffic at five locations.

As another part of the project, more than 7 kilometers long, areas recommended for cycling will be created in the city center. Within these, suggested travel directions and crossing routes will be designated for cyclists, and traffic signs will draw the attention of motorists and pedestrians to them.

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