The felled old oaks line up on the edge of the Big Forest

Local News

Big Obviously, there is not necessarily a connection between the government’s recently passed decree liberalizing tree felling and allowing clear cutting in protected areas, but we are asking the competent body why this was necessary.

The pictures were taken next to the road that bisects the Big Forrest and connects Debrecen and Pallag. It can be seen that they did not produce and chop up non-native tree species, but older – perhaps centuries old – pedunculated oaks. On the website of the Nyírerdő, it is written that even 2-300-year-old pedunculated oaks can live in the Big Forest. The cut is fresh, not even sawdust has been blown away by the wind.


We have sent our questions to Nyírerdő Zrt., which is responsible for the matter. If they answer, we will update the article.

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