There is a dog that has been waiting for its loving owner for half a year at the dog shelter in Debrecen

Local News

Dozens of dogs captured in different parts of Debrecen await a better fate at the city’s dog shelter. The animals include both purebreds and mixed breeds.

Browsing the list, we sadly realized that there are also dogs here who are already 4-5, and there is even one who has been hoping for almost six months that someone will finally adopt him and maybe even treat him as a member of the family.

By the way, they follow the basic principle at the farm that – unless it is necessary for health reasons – they do not euthanize animals, but Bruce, who was found on Pósa Street, for example, would be better off with a loving family, wouldn’t he? The poor animal has been waiting for his new owner since March 30.


What is perhaps even sadder is that roughly half of the dogs living on the farm are “surrendered” pets.

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