Two schools in Debrecen may be merged due to skyrocketing overhead costs

Local News

Due to the brutal overhead costs, the Vocational Training Center in Debrecen would merge the Bethlen Gábor Közgazdasági Technikum and the Irinyi János Technikum, DK representative Zoltán Varga learned.

At his online press conference, the opposition politician said that the reorganization would be solved in such a way that the students and teachers of the two schools would alternate between morning and afternoon. The Vocational Training Center in Debrecen has not yet confirmed or denied the information, and the competent chancellor coordinator told the local press that the center’s energy crisis plan is under discussion.

Zoltán Varga demands urgent information from the Vocational Training Center in Debrecen as to whether schools are really being closed in Debrecen. He quotes the statement of György Pallás, former director of Bethlen, who said that although the institution’s rooms have high ceilings and it is difficult to heat them, he called the merger plan shocking.

News also reached Zoltán Varga that Bethlen Vocational High School may move to the building of Mechwart Vocational High School from October to March, where the students would attend in a morning-afternoon shift.

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