Civil Forum Debrecen Association: the battery factory in Debrecen will emit more carbon dioxide than the city’s means of transport

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The Civil Forum Debrecen Association (Civil Forum Debrecen Egyesület) cited the following from Debrecen’s climate strategy in its press release: “The leadership of Debrecen has been committed to the protection and preservation of environmental and nature conservation values for decades. In line with the “Think globally, act locally” principle, Debrecen cannot refrain from contributing to the prevention of atmospheric enrichment of greenhouse gases. In order to enforce this, the Climate Strategy considers the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions as well as the increase of absorption capacities resulting in a decrease in their atmospheric concentration to be the goal.”

The goals formulated by the city administration are quantified: in 2019, the actual figure is 1,039,554 t CO2e/year, while the goal for 2030 is 581,700 t CO2e/year.

Based on table 43 of the environmental impact assessment and unified environmental use permit application of the Chinese battery factory, the GHG emitted from gas boilers is 28,800 tons/gas boiler, a total of 288,000 t CO2e/year,

therefore, the gas boilers of the investment emit more than 1.2 times as much CO2 as Debrecen’s total transport emissions in 2019 and 26 times as much as Debrecen’s forests can absorb

– stated the civil organization.

They said, after examining the above data: we believe it is clear that the statement “the additional CO2 load of the investment does not result in a significant additional effect” is incorrect, the emissions are by no means negligible – especially if we also take into account that in phase 2 of the construction capacity will more than double.

These data raise additional questions for which there are also no answers, while they promise objective information. How do you calculate the total CO2 emissions of all the factories in the southern industrial park? (Semcorp, Ecopro Global, Krones, Deufol, Vitesco)? How does the investor wish to “compensate” the emissions of his gas boilers?

– the Civil Forum Debrecen Association asks its questions.

We note that a gas boiler emits 28,800 t CO2e/year approx. 18,000 ha of forest or 36,000 ha of green space could “absorb” it, but there is also no answer as to where, when and from what. Source: GHG inventory template prepared by the National Adaptation Center Department of the Hungarian Mining and Geological Service on behalf of the Association of Climate-Friendly Settlements.

In our opinion, even without the answers, it can be established that the city administration abandoned its principles, deviated from the goals of the adopted climate strategy and considers economic benefits as a priority, and considers the construction of an extremely dangerous factory more important than the preservation of the healthy environment of our city.

Such is life near a battery factory – Hungarian settlements where the population is not happy


Civil Forum Debrecen Association

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