An orange warning has been issued for Hajdú-Bihar county, thunderstorms are coming with gusty winds

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The sky will be predominantly cloudy, but in the afternoon, the clouds may be more scattered, the National Meteorological Service indicated.

The long-lasting, slowly weakening precipitation zone of the cyclone is more and more limited to the eastern and northeastern parts of the country, showers and thunderstorms may develop behind it. The wind turning to the northwest and north will intensify into stormy conditions in a large area. The highest daytime temperature is likely to be between 7 and 13 degrees. By late evening, the air cools down to between 0 and +5 degrees.

The meteorological service issued an orange danger signal for Hajdú-Bihar and 14 other counties due to strong wind gusts:

Due to the threat of thunderstorms, a first-degree warning came into effect in our county:

Picture: illustration.

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