The renovation of railway line 108 continues in Debrecen

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From an industrial and residential point of view, the government is implementing significant development on the railway line connecting Debrecen and Balmazújváros. The mayor of the city, the regional parliament representative, and the chairman of the county assembly reported on the details at a press conference.

The Government of Hungary provides about HUF 65.5 billion for the second phase of the development of railway line 108 between Debrecen and Balmazújváros. In the first phase, the Tócóvölgy stop was completely renovated, also at a cost of about HUF 65 billion, the Macs Industrial Park station and the associated railway terminal were built, and significant technical improvements were made to the railway line between the Nagyállómás and the Northwestern Economic Zone. In the continuation, the section between Debrecen and Balmazújváros will undergo complete electrification, the Külső Fatér area at the Nagyállómás will be transformed, significantly increasing freight transport capacities. László Papp, mayor of Debrecen, emphasized that the investment serves the interests of the population, primarily in the area of transportation for employees.

“An aspect of the development was to determine which points and stopping points are important from the point of view of labor flow. In the first phase, the transformation of the Tócóvölgy station was completed, and the Macs Industrial Park stop was built, connecting the city and the industrial zone. In the second phase, a new connection point will be created on Derék Street, creating a closed-track traffic connection between the Tócóskert area and the city center. In addition, there will also be a stop at the western industrial park, since there is also a significant labor base there, which makes this development necessary,” said László Papp, emphasizing that the line also meets environmental protection criteria, as it will be fully electrified. so no diesel locomotives will run here.

The city manager added: in addition to the development of road transport, the railway infrastructure will also play an important role in the construction of the Northwestern Economic Zone.

“We have a very strong desire to not only be able to report on the development of road transport. Everyone can see the significant transformation that Highway 33 is going through with the two-lane conversion and the construction of the overpass, but at the same time – given that one of the most important industrial parks in Hungary was created here with the BMW factory and the construction of the supply park – it is extremely important so that in addition to road transport, we can also talk about the development of fixed-track railway transport”, said László Papp.

István Tiba, the parliamentary representative of constituency No. 6 of Hajdú-Bihar Vármegye, said: the investment is also of great importance for those traveling from Balmazújváros.

“On the one hand, countless students go to study in Debrecen. It will be easier for them to travel to Debrecen, as the trains will be able to run at a speed of 100 km/h on this section of the line. On the other hand, there are already people from Balmazújváros who work at BMW, and they will also have the opportunity to travel to their workplace by train since the Macs Ipari Park station will also be a stop for passenger transport. In addition, the two cities are connected by countless threads through shopping, culture and various events,” emphasized István Tiba.

Zoltán Pajna, President of the Assembly of the Municipality of Hajdú-Bihar County, emphasized that the Hungarian railway network has developed a lot in recent years and is becoming more and more involved in European blood circulation.

Zoltán Pajna added: “The renovation of the Püspökladány-Debrecen railway line has been completed as far as our municipality is concerned, the Biharkeresztes-Püspökladány railway line will be handed over within a few days, and the modernization of the Debrecen-Nyíregyháza railway line is already under planning.”

The renovation of the section of railway line 108 between Debrecen and Balmazújváros will be completed in 2026.


(Debrecen City Hall)

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