Summer camps at the Faculty of Informatics


Among other things, the development of self-driving vehicles and computer games, sensor reading, 3D packaging, testing, as well as Data Mining programs, modern technologies and up-to-date professional knowledge await students at the Faculty of Informatics of the University of Debrecen who, in addition to traditional education, would also expand their IT knowledge during the summer months, writes

The Faculty of Informatics of the University of Debrecen organizes summer camps for primary and secondary school students interested in IT. The sessions start at the end of June, but the faculty also welcomes those young people who would like to learn the depths of programming and are curious about IT innovations in July.

First of all, the programming summer camp will await the participants between June 26 and 30. For this, primary schools start in September in grades 7-8. students in grades 9-12 of secondary schools. year students can apply. The campers learn about the most important components, the sequence, conditional branching, and the cycle in a programming language suitable for their age group (e.g. Scratch, Python). They can deal with the use and management of variables in connection with the various game elements (for example, timing, and achieved score), but they will also hear about the use of built-in functions. An advanced group is also started in the camp, where the students, among other things, have to translate the thought process behind a program into the framework of the programming language they know.

The SenzorIKa camp is organized between July 10 and 14, where high schools start in September from grades 9-12. year students will be able to participate, who will, among other things, deal with ESP32 programming, reading sensors, saving and displaying data, 3D-boxing, testing, and data processing with Data Mining programs.

The participants of the camps can get up-to-date knowledge about the dynamically developing fields and technologies of IT, for example, the possibilities offered by artificial intelligence, the development of self-driving vehicles, the application areas of 3D printing, as well as the novelties of animation production and game development.

The organization of the camps is supported by the IT Debrecen community and Dynata Hungary Kft.

Interested students can submit their application until June 19, more information can be found at this link.

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