More than thirty thousand people visited this year’s Farmer Expo in Debrecen

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In four days, more than thirty thousand people visited this year’s Farmer Expo on the Böszörményi út campus of the University of Debrecen, which fair director László Vaszkó called a forum for discussions about the future of the agricultural sector and for building relationships.

László Vaszkó told MTI on Sunday evening after the end of the fair: the uncertainty of the producers regarding the future was palpable, mainly due to the fact that a large amount of cheap Ukrainian grain could flood the European markets, which could put Hungarian farmers in a hopeless situation.

At the professional conferences and round table discussions, the participants exchanged opinions on what needs to be changed to make Hungarian agriculture more competitive, to prevent farmers’ livelihoods from being endangered, and for Hungarian people to have access to high-quality Hungarian products, the specialist said.

László Vaszkó assessed the fact that many deals were concluded at the expo, mainly modern agricultural machines, as a sign of confidence in the future of the sector. He added: there were a large number of foreign experts at the expo – Slovak, Polish, Czech, among others – who were looking for cooperation with Hungarian farmers.

At the professional meetings, the need for organized knowledge was expressed among plant growers, because, as several people indicated, comprehensive, organized expert advice is not yet available in Hungary – said the fair director.

He explained that at this year’s expo, the new generation has already appeared, which will carry on his parents’ agricultural business in the future, and contact between the young farmers has begun.

In his summary, László Vaszkó called this year’s Farmer Expo a success, at which almost three hundred exhibitors appeared.

He reported that the audience programs were also sold out. This year, many children also visited the fair with their parents, besides the animal shows, their interest was mostly aroused by the gigantic agricultural machines, which they could climb on, the fair director said.


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