24,000,000 HuF Collected for Father of Triplets


People have already collected 24,000,000 HuF for the 29-year-old father from Hajdúszoboszló who was left alone with his new born triplets.His wife died on the 15th of December: the 32-year-old kindergarten teacher from Hajdúszoboszló gave birth to her triplets – two girls and a boy -, then she died in the hospital due to birth complications (HELLP syndrome).

People organized charity collections to help the father and the three little babies. They already collected 24,000,000 HuF.

In case you also would like to help the family, you can send your offer to Tündérkör Alapítvány. Bank account number: OTP 11738008-20899541-00000000

Please also write in the field of notes: “Hármasikreknek.”

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