Nébih Recalls Contaminated Muesli and Milk


Nébih has recalled Dm bio muesli and Auchan milk because they have been contaminated during the manufacturing process.Dm’s bio-paleo muesli contaminated with tropane alkaloid had to be recalled by Nébih. In Austria, German authorities issued an alert on organic and paleo-cereals because they might contain atropine and scopolamine.

Product ID:

Product Name: dm Bio Paleo Müsli, 500 g
Distributor: dm Magyarország Kft.
Manufacturer: BiologoN GmbH, Austria
Expiration date: 30. 05. 2019.
RASFF Reference Number: 2018.2695

The Hungarian distributor removed the product from its shelves and published a notice on their website.

Another product that has been recalled recently is Auchan’s UHT milk which has been contaminated during the manufacturing process. Contamination is not in every bottle of Auchan UHT milk, Nébih decided to take the full batch for the sake of maximum security.

Product ID:

Product Name: AUC UHT TEJ 1.5% 1L
Expiration date: 24. 01. 2019.
Manufacturing ID: 209.S.
Production license number: HU 260 EK
Distributor: Auchan Magyarország Kft.

Source: www.portal.nebih.gov.hu / www.index.hu

Photo: www.pixabay.com

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