Last Weekend 700,000 Birds Were Seen Over Hungary


Last weekend, 700,000 birds were spotted over Hungary – reports 5.2 million migrating birds have been reported this year by the European Bird Watchers, who recorded their observations in Europe and in Central Asia on the first weekend of October, 2018.

Ornithological organizations of 41 countries took part in this year’s bird watching and counting event. The program was organized for the 25th time in 2018. At the competition, Hungary was represented by the Hungarian Birds and Nature Conservation Association (MME). In Europe and in Central Asia, at more than 956 locations, more than 5.2 million birds were observed by 25,000 participants of the program.

Hungary got gold, silver and bronze medals in three sections of the competition. Regarding the number of participants, Hungary got the first place, we received the second place based on the number of locations, and we also got a bronze medal regarding the number of spotted birds over the country.

The most common three species of birds in Hungary were starlings (572 thousand specimens), ringdoves (27 thousand specimens) and summer geese (25 thousand specimens).

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