Coronavirus Update: University of Pécs identifies full genetic code of virus


The full genetic code of the coronavirus has been successfully identified, and this is an important step in furthering domestic and international research, the University of Pécs has announced.

As part of the project conducted with the cooperation of the virology research team led by Ferenc Jakab, and the bioinformatics research team led by Attila Gyenesei of the university’s Szentágothai János Research Center, they processed a sample of a Hungarian patient’s pharyngeal fluid on the basis of the relevant international protocol, and then identified the genetic code of the virus. The entire work process was carried out by Péter Urbán, Gábor Endre Tóth and Róbert Herczeg under the supervision of Gábor Kemenesi.

Ferenc Jakab is the head of the task force announced by the Prime Minister earlier whose mission is to better acquaint itself with the virus, to explore its infection and spread mechanism, to identify possible preventive steps, and to develop – at a later stage – effective drugs and therapies. Quoting him, the communication says the successful identification of the genetic code clearly indicates that interdisciplinary cooperation can yield the expected results also in Hungary.

A call center set up for advice on the coronavirus can be reached on +36-80-277-455 and +36-80-277-456 or by email under


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