Chief Medical Officer Denies Allegations About Hospitals Cutting Number of Tests

Europe National

Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller dismissed remarks by an opposition Democratic Coalition (DK) lawmaker suggesting that hospitals were decreasing the number of novel coronavirus tests carried out.

Müller told public news channel M1 that Zoltán Varga had “insufficient information” when he had accused her of “threatening” hospitals, telling them that they would be made to pay for any unjustified tests carried out. Varga was cited as saying that Müller would be personally responsible for patients dying as a result of the lack of testing. Müller said it was not compulsory to test patients before all procedures but doctors were obliged to get patients tested for Covid-19 in case of any suspicion, “not only if they show symptoms or have just returned from abroad”. She added that the epidemic was still present in Hungary and an information system had to be maintained which enabled immediate response in case of flare-ups.


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