Average Age of Covid Cases Now Lower Than During 1st Wave

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The average age of Covid patients is lower now than in the first wave of the epidemic, when it mainly affected the elderly, the chief medical officer said at an online press conference.

Currently, most positive cases come from the 20-29 age group, Cecília Müller said. The “nature” of the second wave is different to that of the first so a different strategy should be followed to contain the epidemic, she added. The combined average of the cases infected during the two waves is 41 years, but only 35 years for the past ten days.

Muller said hospitals are checked daily to see if the material and personal conditions necessary for treating the patients are available. There is an action plan for the care of Covid patients; the goal is to treat them in institutions where all the conditions are in place, she said. If an institution has reached 80% of its capacity, the National Centre for Public Health will designate more hospitals to provide care.

Regarding the reduction of the mandatory home quarantine from 14 days to 10 days, the chief medical officer said that international experience had been taken into account, as in ten days, including the incubation period of 5-6 days, the infection will be revealed. In many European countries the mandatory quarantine is already 10 days.



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