An orange warning has been issued for Hajdú-Bihar due to expected thunderstorms


The cold front arrives from the west on Friday, which reduces the heat: on Sunday, the temperature can rise up to 32 degrees Celsius. On Friday, the National Meteorological Service issued a second-level warning to the whole country due to the risk of thunderstorms.

In their danger signal, they wrote that, according to the more probable scenario, intense thunderstorms would form by dawn on Friday, first in the foothills of the Alps and Northern Transdanubia, and then in the western part of the Northern Central Mountains. At night, thunderstorms can be accompanied by wind of more than 70 kilometers/hour and intense rainfall of up to 2-3 centimeters in diameter is expected.

On Friday morning and early afternoon, severe thunderstorms may occur mainly in the eastern part of Transdanubia and in the central part of the country. In the first half of the afternoon, thunderstorms may break out in Transylvania and in the eastern part of the Northern Central Mountains. Heavy thunderstorms can be accompanied by gusts of more than 90 kilometers/hour, 2-3 and in some places even more than 4 centimeters of ice and thunderstorms.

In the afternoon, thunderstorms gradually move eastwards, and in the evening and at night they can typically occur east of the Danube.

On Friday, the cold front from the west and precipitation will decrease, and the heat will be reduced to the southern and eastern areas, they added.

According to the National Meteorological Service’s Thursday, medium-term forecast, 16-24 degrees is expected at Friday dawn. Daytime maxima range from 25 to 37 degrees, with lower values ​​in the northwest and higher values ​​in the southeast.

On Saturday, in Transdanubia, mostly cloudy and sunny weather can be expected, elsewhere, in addition to several hours of sunshine, showers and thunderstorms are likely in several places. The wind is picking up in Transdanubia, it is getting stronger in some places, elsewhere in the vicinity of thunderstorms it can be strong, even stormy gusts of wind. It can be 14-21 degrees during the coldest hours. In the afternoon, the temperature rises between 27 and 33 degrees.

On Sunday, in addition to the sunshine, there may be showers and thunderstorms in several places. Typically, air movement remains moderate, but there may also be stormy gusts of wind during a thunderstorm. The lowest temperature is likely to be between 14-21 degrees and the highest between 26-32 degrees.



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