Vaccination Week Has Been Extended


162 patients have died, and another 11,871 people with coronavirus infection have been found in Hungary, ​​said on Friday, highlighting that 6,087,474 people have been vaccinated so far, 5,823,818 of them in the second, 2,269,551 They have already received the third dose of the vaccine.


According to the government portal, the number of infected people in Hungary increased to 1,068,888. 33,866 people died and the number of people recovered rose to 862,534. The number of active infections is 172,488. Hospital are treating 6,913 patients with coronavirus, 695 of whom are on ventilators. There are 66,834 people in official home quarantine, the number of samples is 8,298,820. On the fourth day of the vaccination action week, another record number of vaccinations was administered, with 139,000 vaccinations administered on Thursday. A total of 527,000 vaccinations have already been given during the action week, of which 435,000 have already received the third booster dose, and 63,000 people who have not been vaccinated have decided to take their first vaccination.


It was reported that the government will extend the vaccination action week. According to the map of the site, most people have been registered in Budapest (185,592) and Pest County (145,969) so far. The county least affected by the infection is still Tolna, with 22,122 cases.

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