Hungary ‘Committed to Climate Neutrality’

Hungary has taken decisive action towards achieving climate neutrality, the minister of innovation and technology told public media at the Planet Budapest 2021 sustainability expo and world conference.

László Palkovics said after his presentation that climate protection and energy production went hand in hand, and by 2030 more than 90% of electricity generation in Hungary would be carbon-free. Both nuclear and solar energy would play a key role in ensuring this, he said, adding that plans were to drastically increase the capacity of solar power plants to 6,000MW. Palkovics said big polluters and energy companies should take their fair share of reaching climate protection targets. He said the greenification of transport, including rail developments, was a priority. The government has also launched large-scale green programmes in the road transport system, he said, noting tenders invited for the procurement of electric cars and bicycles.

Among the green measures, Palkovics highlighted the conversion of the Mátra Power Plant, a major coal polluter, into an environmentally friendly plant using a zero emissions technology. As regards the modernisation of household energy use, he noted a government scheme supporting the development of solar systems and energy-saving heating systems.


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